Want to build your site? Don’t ignore this 25 best free WordPress theme

October 4, 2021

Blogging is not only a way to satisfy writing passion, but it can also help you make money based on your voice, style, and your experience shared in each post.

It’s important to have a flexible blogging platform that is easy to use and has an impressive interface to attract readers, and WordPress is one of them.

But, many people wonder whether buying a WordPress theme costs a lot of money, or they don’t know how to design a blog by WordPress without any coding skill.

There is no need to worry if you know these 25 best free WordPress themes with the eye-catching, impressive interface, and flexible function below. Let's explore what they are now!

1. Astra

Astra is a fast and easy-to-use theme that’s suitable for a wide range of uses. Thanks to its flexible foundation, Astra is a quality option to build a blog. The theme comes with several blog websites ready to be used, which can be imported, modified, and used from the box.


Many bloggers feel good with the limited customization of Astra's backgrounds, typography, and spacing. 

But you would have to choose the Pro or Agency plan for a number of advanced features, including auto-loading previous posts, adding author sections, and removing the featured image padding.

Astra is one of the best choices, and is compatible with all major page builders (such as Elementor, Beaver, and Brizy). That makes it a good option for any blogger.


2. Kadence

Kadence is a lightweight and comprehensive WordPress theme that allows you to create beautiful, accessible, and fast - loading websites. 


Kadence has a drag and drop header and footer builder that is easy to use to create any header type in minutes.

Kadence is different from other themes by its clean blog styling, which includes image positions and sticky sidebar options. It also has a strong integration with the core block editor to match your content with anything in the admin panel that you can see.

3. Blog Way

Blog Way is a clean, well-coded, and modern theme. It's professional and simple. Blog Way is a great one for blogs, news sites, and travel sites in particular. 

Blog Way

It has several customizable features and guarantees high performance to increase the traffic of your website. 

Blog Way is also an option for changing your website’s color and providing social links to let you connect your site with your social accounts.

4. Simple

Simple has been developed and designed for simplicity by Themify. It’s a free, simple design that allows customers to buy products directly from your site and allows you to keep running a regular blog at the same time. 


The drag and drop interface via Themify Builder that comes with the theme makes it easy to create your design or online store.

5. Mesmerize

Mesmerize can give you everything customizability without confusion. It has a pre-built homepage and makes your site look stunning. It uses five header designs, slideshow features, gradient overlays, and more. 


Moreover, 30 sections of content are ready to use for you to quickly and easily construct pages without mentioning the helpful drag and drop functions. 

Mesmerize works on mobile, and if you ever need to set up a shop, it works well with WooCommerce.

6. Kale


For food bloggers, Kale is a well-built choice. It has a variety of feed displays that can be used to organize your writing and images of your dishes. The integrated social media sidebar menus and icons are making locating, viewing, and tracking your accounts easy for your visitors.

7. Avant

Discover Avant; you will find seven different header styles, three footer styles, five blog layout templates, full-site color settings, and much more functions in one WordPress customizer. 


In addition, Avant seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and page builders such as Elementor or SiteOrigin.

8. Blossom Feminine

Blossom Feminine is a free WordPress theme, which can be used for food blogging, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, newspaper, and travel. Blossom Feminine is mobile-friendly, supports SEO, and fast. 

Blossom Feminine

The theme also supports WooCommerce, is ready for translation, and comes with regular updates.

9. Blossom Fashion 

For a stylish blog without spending a penny, Blossom Fashion is perfect. The theme offers premium compatibility features, including WooCommerce, font choices, advertisement widgets, Instagram section, and much more. 

Blossom Fashion

Blossom Fashion includes extensive documentation, and support is always available anytime you need.

10. Blossom Travel 

Blossom Travel is a fast-loading WordPress theme for travel blogs that is mobile-friendly. 

It combines accessible design with extensive features like social media integration, thematic color options, and lightbox image styling. 

Blossom Travel 

Blossom Travel also has an Instagram section, e-mail subscription, and social media widgets, allowing visitors to connect to you quickly. The best thing is its HTML map section, allowing you to check where you are going.

11. Blossom Pin

The Blossom Pin theme is designed in Pinterest style, uses a vibrant layout of masonry with three posts per page layout options. 

Blossom Pin

Its endless scroll allows visitors to browse uninterruptedly. 

It’s also SEO-optimized and easily adaptable so that you can choose many colors and hundreds of Google fonts.

12. Elegant Pink

Elegant Pink is another dynamic Pinterest layout. It’s free and well-designed, combining soft colors and a simple, clean design to present your blog to the world best. 

Elegant Pink

Elegant Pink also has a slider above the masonry-design post on the homepage.

13. Writee


Writee has a slider Hero image feature that enables the inclusion of several full-band images. It is ideal for photography or heavy-image blogs. With Writee's WooCommerce integration, the management of an online shop is also simple.

14. Hemingway

Hemingway is a simple two-column blogging theme that organizes and makes your content easy to read. 


The parallax scrolling function adds a video-like, interactive experience to your blog pages. 

The translation-ready feature of Hemingway includes pre-made language files so that your website can be translated automatically in several other languages with one click.

15. Radiate

The blog theme of Radiate provides unique views, including a customizable, full-width hero image and primary color options to match your brand. 


You can use custom Cascading Style Sheets if you own a WordPress.com Premium or Business account (if you pay for WordPress).

16. Neve

Neve is a powerful and free WordPress theme with a fully mobile responsive design, and a comprehensive range of customization options to adapt your blog to your brand image. 


Neve updates security and new functions frequently. Its theme options panel also helps you get started out of the box.

17. Bulan

Bulan provides many homepage layouts, including full-wide, boxed, narrow, and multi-column options for your blog. 


There are a number of customizable sidebar and navigation configurations to improve the reading experience. To increase functionality, you can install custom widgets.

18. Total

Total is a blogging theme with a masonry layout, which allows you to place your latest 3, 6, or 9 blog posts in a grid format. 

There is also a portfolio section if you want to share your artistic work.


Total is SEO-friendly, supported by the most popular page builders, and has a one-click demo import to help you set up and run your page quickly.

19. Spacious

Spacious offers 4-page layouts, two templates, four blog layouts, individual custom widgets, and widgets. 


Building your website with Spacious means, you’re free of pain and can use it to help and inspire your page running process, thanks to their downloadable demo sites.

20. Blog Diary 

This theme is intended to be light and minimalist, ideal for trendy food or travel blogs. 

Blog Diary

It features slider functionality, color selection options, and easy to get up and running on the fly. 

It is also mobile-friendly and compatible with the Gutenberg editor.

21. Wisteria


Wisteria is a minimalist blogging theme. The layouts include lifestyles, food, fashion, marketing, and more. Wisteria is retina-ready, which means that all images and contents of your website will have a professional look.

22. Editorial

The Editorial blog is visually impressive, easy to use, and sufficiently flexible to organize large quantities of publishing content, so that readers don’t overwhelm. 


The Editorial comes with many practical controls that allow you to adapt your sections without coding skill easily.

23. Brilliant

Brilliant is a blog and theme for online magazines that allow you to combine your blog posts with photo or video content artistically. 


You can also add, edit and quickly adapt your custom logo to your homepage, and customize your theme's accent color to match your brand as well. 

Brilliant is also ready with a translation function, so that visitors can read your content in various languages.

24. Poseidon

If you wish to incorporate large professional photographs on your blog, Poseidon is your option.


It offers a full-scale photo display on the homepage. The design is mainly white to create a comprehensive, organized appearance. 

Poseidon also includes fully customizable navigation bars to improve user experience, and the configuration of your website.

25. Author

Author is a straightforward theme for all types of blogs ranging from business to e-commerce and photography. 


Its minimalist appearance helps readers to focus on your content easily. 

What is unique about this theme is that it’s designed for readability and accessibility.

1. Catching headline

Imagine that you are giving a pitch in 2 minutes to call investment. The goal is not providing funding right then and there but to deliver enough information to impress investors.

In other words, it must attract people to read.

Sometimes inspirational words will add magnetism to the headline. In other cases, the information you give will be sufficient on its own. 

But even if you present great content, you should add a word or two to your headline to let readers stand out. People are emotionally moved to act.

2. Compelling and helpful lead

Compelling here means you should show the main points in the story in the lead, even though that doesn't always apply to a blog. 

But in general, you must make your post compelling enough to convince your readers to read your second paragraph after reading your first paragraph.

Don’t take it too long to get to the point. Make sure that readers get enough information you present and appreciate it once they get what your ideas mean.

3. Practical subheads

There are 3 purposes of subheads:

Splitting the type to make your page have visual attraction

Guiding your reader to key sections.

They increase the optimization of search engines (SEO), even though adding keywords in subheads is not important anymore.

Sometimes when readers finish your article, they might want to jump back and go over one point. In these cases, subheads should help.

4. Helpful body part

The body is an essential part of your post. It can be anything from new incisive observations that revolutionize your reader's life or business, to a funny story about what happened to you yesterday. 

You'll want to write one type of post if you set up your authority, and you will want to write a different kind of post if you're trying to establish a personal connection with your prospects. But before doing anything, you should figure out what your goal today is.

The old rule was that you need to include enough keywords in your article, but recent experience and research have shown that Google has less to do with keyword use and density. 

Google's algorithm is clever enough to understand how you write and index your articles for searches properly. It will appreciate your work if you do a good job explaining your topic; therefore, you don't have to riddle your articles with robotic keywords.

5. Eye-catching graphics

It's a good idea to include graphics in your blog posts to split the text into single paragraphs, to illustrate points to help your pages become visually pleasing. 

Google measures the time you spend on your pages. So using graphics, typography, and color schemes can encourage visitors to stick with your articles. 

That’s why you should include some visually attractive graphics when promoting your content on social media.

6. Good call-to-action

All blog articles should have a call to action, which has various forms and is measured by multiple tactics. 

You firstly must determine what call-to-action your visitors want to take. It could be to comment on a few words, read a different blog article, or check out a new product/service you provide on your site. 

By offering exclusive content to exchange for an email address, you can also get the prospect's contact information.

7. Internal links included

We all like free advertising. This is one reason why every new article that you write should include links to other articles on your site. 

That encourages people to keep reading your blog to find the information they want. And remember, one of your main goals is to keep people staying with your website.

In addition, the SEO always considered internal links good. It benefits your SEO because it increases the number of pages per visit. 

The mere fact of a link being included in your article is not very important; what's important is visitors find that links relevant to their visit, so they click on the link and spend time on the resulting page.

8. Engaging meta description

The google snippet shows the meta description in search results. Google takes the first or two sentences from your article on its own devices to make it a meta description, and readers will see this first when they look up something on Google.

So, if you could create an engaging meta description, it helps to attract readers to click on your article.

The meta description is in HTML code, and a plug-in such as Yoast can allow your meta description to be composed separately if you have a WordPress website.

All the 25 free WordPress themes above are stunning with unique, compelling, and impressive interfaces that can stand your site out of the crowd. 

Each theme has different features, layouts, and styles, so take a look at the overall design and blog style you want to choose the right theme for you.

Once you've made your decision, you can start installing, customizing your blog, and consulting these tips to make good content that engages readers. Are they simple, affordable, and effective, right?

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