The secrets of using social media to get more clients

October 4, 2021

Whether you are an active user of social media platforms or not, you cannot deny its popularity.

Social networks are an active playground for individuals selling goods and a place where small to large businesses promote their brand image, products, and impress customers.

However, not all businesses know how to use social networks effectively to get more customers.

If you are encountering this situation, then the article below is definitely for you.

Choose the right social media platform

There are various social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter. And every month or day, new platforms are created and launched.

If business owners have not clearly defined which social media platform they should use, how are you going to achieve their goal?

In the past, advertisers used radio, TV, newspapers, or magazines to attract clients.

But, before knowing how to use social media to get more clients, how can you turn social media attention into sales?

There are various social media platforms

Pretending that you have some products and services to sell, you can use social media to get views, and transform the attention into leads. 

Once you get leads, you can drive them to your website, webinar, or phone to sell your products or services.

If you don’t have any product or service to sell, another way to get clients is to take advantage of your fame (if you have a lot of followers) to get leads, endorsements, or sponsorships. 

In this case, companies and brands will pay you to have attention through your fame.

Instead of selling a product or service, you make money based on clients' brands and businesses via social media money. But this only works if you have many followers.

Now, let’s figure out some online marketing rules

Attract the right audience

If companies find the right audience to target, they are willing to pay you a lot of money to work with them and access your group of supporters. 

They will collaborate with you by publishing a video, post, or support video.

Social media isn't just for businesses that want to sell their products and services

What they pay for is the way to get your followers' attention and views. And you can do that if you have millions of followers.

Social media isn't just for businesses that want to sell their products and services.

You can also collaborate with companies by promoting their brand or products and services like affiliate marketing deals.

If you wonder how to use social media to get more clients, then what is mentioned above is a way you can make money online.

It's because there are numerous ways to make money when it comes to social media. There is a blurred line between social media and marketing. We have offline marketing, direct mail, TV marketing, Facebook marketing, etc. 

In general, marketing is social media itself.

Imagine how long people pay attention to reading newspapers and watching TV, compared with hours spent on social networks.

Get people attention is the only way to sell something

People are spending more time watching YouTube videos and reading Facebook posts each day than reading a newspaper. 

And if they ignore you, you can't sell them anything.

Of course, selling to people who don’t care about you is more difficult because they don't know who you are.

People believe social media is something like, "When I get attention, I'll make money," or "I'll make money if I build a lot of followers." If you are thinking this way, you are wrong.

Imagine that you're creating a group of followers on your Instagram channel, ask yourself this question: "What makes you think that you can make money with 40,000 or 60,000 followers, if you can’t make money with 20,000 followers?

It makes no sense when you say you can suddenly make money, if you haven’t made money throughout the journey.

Having a solid business model that converts is one way to use social media to get more clients. People want to spend their money on this product or service before they get attention.

People often recall bad more than good, if they buy a bad product from you. Even if you have much attention, it won't make you money.

In case you have a good product, you are not only getting more and more attention, but you are also expanding your business quickly.

Social media is a good way to have more clients when they are used properly. It can help you reach thousands of people worldwide. 

For example, Facebook has more than 1,66 billion users daily.

Have a product that makes customers aware

The first thing you can do is ensure that you use the right social media platform to get people's attention. What is your objective? What do you want to get on a specific social media platform?

More than 97% of marketers use social media to get their clients' attention. That’s why a solid business model is important to turn this attention to your customers.

Choosing the right social media channel is not easy, but these guidelines can help you.

You don’t want to be exhausted by managing every social media platform, as there are many platforms available. But, you don't want to miss great opportunities for brand awareness as well.

So, below are some powerful platforms you can consider.

Social networks

Facebook: 2,50 billion monthly active users

Twitter: 126 million daily active users

LinkedIn: Over 600 million users

These platforms are used for networking because they allow certain forms of people-to-people interaction. You can build a business profile on these platforms, and include links to your website, or Facebook especially.

If you have a product or service and want people to know about it, you can create a post, or an ad to achieve people’s attention. 

Then, if your product becomes compelling, you can turn that attention to your client.

LinkedIn is a great platform to expand your business if you want to offer a professional service - B2B service, for example. 

You can categorize your business information according to your industry when creating a profile.

Having a Twitter account will help, if you want a broader spectrum of industries from entertainment through e-commerce. 

You can use Twitter to post updates and positive retweet feedback from customers.

Both LinkedIn and Twitter have messaging and comment features to increase customer engagement.

Photos and videos sharing

YouTube: More than 1,9 billion active users

Instagram: More than 500 million active users daily

Pinterest: 235 million active users monthly

As regards photo sharing, Instagram and Pinterest are the two largest platforms. For restaurant owners or an online store, they are both helpful. You can take photos and post them on Instagram or Pinterest to update your customers.

People like to be updated. They will share it with friends and followers if your product or service catches their attention. As a result, you will drive more traffic to your website, and these two platforms will bring you more clients as well.

Besides Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, Instagram is the home of marketing influencers.

Nearly 100% of influencer campaigns were held on Instagram in 2018.

If you have no product or service, that is excellent. You can leverage influencers who have a large fan base on Instagram. And that’s a way to use social media to get more clients.

It should only be one or two brands – depending on your closing power and ability to attract them.

Instagram is different from other platforms because it doesn’t allow you to share links directly – Instagram highlights visuals. 

With basic users, you can share links in your biography only, but you may post links in your stories if you are a verified user or have more than 10,000 followers.

Finally, Pinterest is the best one for e-commerce, for those who sell handicrafts and home goods, for example. Small business owners can share independent product pictures linking to their website or a sale page.

For Pinterest, it’s fun when you are assigned a theme "board". Thanks to that, your clients can connect with you by giving you a "heart."

It also means they like your product and will keep browsing to find out what's in your store. For lead generation, this could be great.

Video sharing supports pin down strategy

As mentioned, there are over 1,9 billion monthly active users on YouTube. And besides Youtube, Vimeo is another excellent video platform with 1,2 million subscribers in total.

With more people watching online videos – 83% of marketers say video returns firmly on investment. YouTube is the best choice for online users on the video platform, and having a video platform in your plan can help pin down your strategy.

If your business model is great, a video might make your brand relevant and keep you catching up with your competitors.

While a technology company focuses its video strategy on product demonstrations – a restaurant can produce a video log with cooking tips.

YouTube and Vimeo are the leading video platforms. Because YouTube is called on to be the best video platform, the audience base and SEO capabilities have a bigger audience. 

Google has also bought YouTube, and this is Google's second-largest search engine.

A study by Cisco carried out in 2017 stated that 80% of all internet traffic in 2021 is represented by video.

More and more traditional social media platforms have begun to embrace video marketing in conjunction with YouTube and Vimeo. 

You've noticed that Facebook launched 'Facebook stories' and 'Facebook Live' over the last couple of years, added to a tab on your mobile that’s only for video.

Let's find out how to use social media to get more clients with interactive media.

The young generation improve interaction

SnapChat and TikTok are two social media platforms created for Gen Z and Millennials. It’s difficult to keep up with current trends because of the dynamic nature of social media, but Snapchat and TikTok are taking over young people's social lives.

The younger generation influences business opportunities. With the buying power of $44 billion. 

While some brands consider Gen Z as a big child addicted to their smartphone, 98% of Gen Z still shop in stores, according to the National Retail Federation.

By 2020, Gen Z population will reach 2,6 billion, so retailers must build up their interactive engagement around their brands to get new clients. So, how to leverage social media to get more clients?

It’s tailoring your mobile and desktop content. It’s essential to choose the right platform that matches your brand and product. That's how you get all the right audience's eyeballs.

But, why do you need both mobile and desktop content? Because 66% of Gen Z often use more than one device at the same time, according to IBM.

That’s why you should provide them with the best experience in all devices, have your brand content the highest optimization to put out from the layout of a site to blog post, or any social media platforms.

Be careful with bad product

Before you think about growing your business or promoting your brand, you need a product or an offer that turns your clients into a possible customer. So, why don’t you get their attention with a great offer?

You'll receive a different kind of attention if you have a terrible product. You will lose the trust of billions of people instead of winning and growing your audience as potential buyers. And of course, you won't have more money from bad attention.

So, if you have a good product, your chance of getting attention is higher, you can expand your business quickly, and you can have a huge number of traffic with the right social media channel.

In short, you need a product or service, making people ready to spend money before you receive any attention. However, there are certain mistakes you should consider.

For example, someone wants to have more clients just to become famous on social media, he wants to have more followers, but if he has no product or service, why does he do that?

The thing is, if there is no substance, trying to get more attention isn’t good. Unless you're in the entertainment industry, the story is different.

Even if you have succeeded in growing a large number of followers and earning a small income, it works shortly, but in long-term progress, it’s not practical. That’s why you should build substance and value that shows why you are present in the marketplace.

If you are a business owner, it’s necessary to take advantage of social media to attract more clients. And if you have a breakthrough product or service you believe can make value, don't hesitate to bring it closer to clients through social networks.

Although it's not easy, and you can't succeed in a blink, you will see results soon if you follow the detailed instructions above.

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