Boost your business with 10 video ideas for eCommerce businesses

October 22, 2021

eCommerce is probably too familiar to many people, especially in the Covid-19, eCommerce is even more prevalent.

According to Wyzowl, up to 66% of viewers say they like watching short videos to learn about products and services, which is 3 times higher (18%) than those who prefer to read a text-based article.

Video advertising is currently one of the most powerful tools, engaging business products with customers. But, how to make a compelling video that hacks customers' hearts is such a hard question for many businesses.

Here are 8 great video ideas for eCommerce businesses that win customers' attention.

1. Product close-ups

Suppose your business specializes in expensive, small-sized, luxury items such as jewelry and watches. In that case, you should shoot close-up videos to let customers have an idea about what they are going to buy. Product close-ups should also highlight the advantages and beauty of each detail of your product.

EpicMind Studio's Jewelry Video Reel

2. Product intro 

 5:00 Caffeine Concealer by The Lip Bar

As mentioned at the beginning, video is the perfect medium to help explain what you are providing to your audience. In a product demo video, you can give instructions on how to use your product, or how your product is different from the competitors, etc.

3. Behind-the-scenes videos

People are always curious about how things are made, by whom. Therefore, making a behind-the-scenes video about the production process, the people who make it, and its distribution is a wise choice to capture the viewer's attention.

Savoir-faire of the Fall-Winter 2019/20 Haute Couture Collection

Behind-the-scenes videos are also a kind of sympathetic storytelling video, enhancing the friendly relationship between businesses and viewers.

4. Animation videos

This is one of the cost-saving but highly valid videos. Animation videos are often used to convey complex messages to explain products and brands in a short time, using catchy illustrations.

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Freighty - Explainer Video

5. Parody videos

Besides other kinds of videos, people will definitely enjoy watching funny videos as well. Parody videos are a great way to engage viewers. However, you need to be careful not to bring up offensive content.

Don't Say Velcro

6. Storytelling videos

Who doesn't love to hear stories, especially stories that are curious and emotionally appealing. Create a good story related to your product, such as the journey you made it, or the inspiration that motivated you to build your current brand. Then, resemble these materials in a storytelling video to touch customers' emotions.


7. Influencers reviews videos

Today, it can be said that influencers (influential people in a particular field) have a powerful impact on customers' opinions and decisions. 


Finding a popular influencer whose image matches your brand and paying them to make a video promoting your product is favored advertising means businesses are applying.

For example, find a beauty blogger for a cosmetic brand, a stylist for a clothing brand, or a well-known gymer for a dietary supplement. You will pay for these influencers to make a promotional video. In this video, they will wear or use your products and impress their love for it.

8. Informative videos

Sometimes your videos don't need to talk about products or services directly. You can make leading videos talking about things that are closely related to your product.

Philips Pasta & Noodle Maker - Pasta & Noodle Maker VIVA HR2342/06

For example, if you sell office clothes, you can make a video about how comfortable your users feel in your clothes, how easily they move, work and do other activities in the office, etc.

Or, if your business specializes in selling kitchenware, you can make a cooking video using your brand equipment, cleverly incorporating the advantages of those products over others.

Through these 8 types of videos, you will increase your brand awareness. People who never knew you will now know who you are. They may visit your website, learn more about your products and services. This allows you to convert these visitors into leads.

For present customers, these 8 video ideas are like nourishment of customer loyalty, escalating customer trust with your brand.

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