4 ways to make money on Youtube you should do

October 13, 2021

Making money on Youtube – a topic that is "HOT" all time in the international MMO community.

You can get extra income by making money online with Youtube, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Youtube is an online money-making channel that brings extremely terrible income for many people. In the future, the number of people participating in Youtube will be more crowded. Certainly, the level of competition is greater.

If you are bored with your nine-to-five job, want to have your own business, or get more money. Why don't you start your Youtube channel from now on and wait for the day of making thousands, hundreds of dollars?

According to Forbes magazine statistics, 10 people who make the most money on YouTube in 2019 all have incomes of more than 10 million USD. And they are the Ryan World channel of Ryan Kaji - an 8-year-old boy ($26 million), Dude Perfect (20 million USD), PewDiePie (13 million USD).

And below are the most effective and popular ways to make money on Youtube you should join.

1. Make money with Youtube partner program

To make money this way, you need to participate in the Youtube Partner Program and receive money by allowing Google to place ads on your videos uploaded to Youtube.

Follow these steps to sign up for the Youtube partner program:

Creating a Youtube channel: You need a Google account, then visit: https://www.youtube.com/ to create your channel.

Sign up for the Youtube Partner program (your channel must be eligible to be approved by Youtube). Link that Youtube channel to Google Adsense account to allow ads displayed on your videos.

When someone views or clicks on the ad in your videos, you can get paid from Youtube.

The more views and ad impressions your videos have, the more money you earn.

Thanks to monetizing via views, Youtube attracts a large number of content creators specializing in producing diverse content videos.

Generally in the US or European market, you can get about $2 to $3/1000 views.

Let me give you a few successful cases of making money by joining the Youtube Partner Program.

Ryan Kaji: A YouTuber who has the highest income in the world with $26 million/year.

Ryan’s World

Ryan Kaji: An 8-year-old boy from Texas owns a Youtube channel named Ryan's World with more than 38 billion views and 28.4 million subscribers. His channel features toy "unboxing" content, in which Ryan unboxes toys and plays with them.

PewDiePie: Earning $13 million in 2019

PewDiePie channel

You probably already know Felix Kjellberg - a Swedish YouTuber, known as the "King of Youtube" or the number 1 Vlogger. Channel PewDiePie owns more than 104 million subscribers and brought Pew a huge income of 13 million USD last year.

He is handsome, funny, a good Swedish talker and a good gamer. Felix Kjellberg has made millions of dollars a year by uploading videos to Youtube and making money via the Youtube Partner Program.

With his popularity, PewDiePie also earns a lot of money from other sources.

2. Making money by joining Network

This is similar to making money with the Youtube Partner Program, but you will register and receive money via intermediary networks.

Networks is licensed by Youtube to manage video copyright, business, advertising, payment, and is responsible for intermediaries connecting Youtube Partners with Google.

After joining the Network, your YouTube channel account will be managed by the Network.

Depending on how you make your video, you can join Network or sign up to Google Adsense directly.

Normally, channels using re-up videos, or are afraid of copyright infringement will often subscribe to the Network.

If your videos are self-produced, self-recorded, self-created, then it's best to join Google Adsense.

Some advantages of joining the Network:

  • Management tools, sound, good images support from Network.
  • The success rate of appealing for DMCA copyright issues is high, and accounts are rarely locked.
  • High rate of successful monetization enabled videos.
  • There are forms of payment without a Google Adsense account needed: Visa, PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, bank, etc.
  • Your channel is copyright confirmed (registered content ID).
  • Simple payment, there is no need of reaching min of $100 like Google Adsense.

However, Network also has some disadvantages:

  • You are not entitled to 100% of Youtube advertising revenue, and must divide your income ratio for the Network depending on each net (90 - 10, 80 - 20, 70 - 30, etc.). For example, with the rate of 70 - 30, you will receive 70% of revenue from Youtube, and share 30% to Net.
  • Network registration conditions are more difficult than Google Adsense.
  • The time of payment from Net depends on the regulations of the net.
  • You may not be paid if your channel dies.

Some of the major and reputable Youtube Networks you can choose from:

  • Freedom: A reputable international network with a rate of about 60-95%.
  • QuizGroup: Russian network with 80:20 revenue split.
  • Fullscreen: The world's largest Network with a rate of about 70-80%.

3. Making money by doing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a sustainable form of making money online.

Affiliate Marketing is promoting a product or service or a supplier via a referral link. If a buyer clicks on your link, or buys that product, service; you will receive a commission.

This is an excellent form of MMO because you don't have to worry about stock, warehouse, delivery and customer care. The only thing you need to do is find a way to promote the product to more people.

Many young people have made thousands of dollars per month by doing affiliate marketing on Amazon, Commission Junction, Clickbank.

Applying the following process to do Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Create a professional and SEO standard Youtube channel.
  2. Post videos related to the products you want to promote, or videos that lead viewers to watch other videos that provide product information. Your videos need to be valuable, informative, attractive, and related to the product or service you are promoting.
  3. Apply YouTube SEO rules to make your videos stay on top of YouTube search, or gain the most views.
  4. In the video description, you should cleverly insert affiliate links, navigation links to the product site naturally. Or you can insert it directly in the video content with CTA buttons.
  5. When people watch your videos, if they are interested in the product and click on the marketing links to buy it, you will receive a commission.
  6. Keep promoting your channel to get more subscribers, views and creating more new videos.

Some advantages of making money via affiliate marketing videos:

  • You don't need to register or comply with the regulations of linking Youtube channels with Google Adsense. Copyright is not a problem as well.
  • Your income doesn't depend on views. It comes from the number of people clicking on your links to make purchases and the percentage of commissions offered by the supplier. 
  • Some videos only reach a few hundred views, but they have up to 2/3 of people purchasing via affiliate links. That means they earn much more money than videos with millions of views.
  • Youtube stores videos long term, so you can take advantage of Youtube platform, a significant source of Free Traffic. You will have passive income whenever your viewers watch your videos and make a purchase via affiliate links.
  • Video creation and promotion are the only things you need to focus on—no need to handle goods or take care of customer service.

To know if a certain video is doing affiliate marketing, look at that video description to see any link leading to the product page.

The most popular affiliate videos usually follow one formula of reviews and introductions: "demo/review ABC, tips ABC, manuals ABC, etc." (ABC is the product or service name)

Some affiliate videos:

10BestOnes: Reviewing tech products. Check his video description; you will find this channel adding affiliate links.

Canadian Prepper: This Youtube channel specializes in helping more people get prepared for emergency situations.

Some suggestions for affiliate marketing:

  • Review, introduction videos: Phones, cameras, books, cosmetics, home appliances, etc.
  • Tutorial videos on how to use products and services.
  • Sharing tips, tricks, hacks videos: Cooking, technology, gym, beauty, health care, etc.
  • Travel and hotel videos: Promote online booking apps, tour bookings, flight tickets, technology goods such as camcorders, cameras, flycams.

4. Promote products and services

Using Youtube to build your personal brand is an effective way to make money on Youtube, especially for KOLs and Influencers.

Once becoming KOLs or Influencers, you can use Youtube to generate income by developing and building your brand on social networks.

Besides earning money via views, popular channels can make more with sponsorship contracts to advertise products, services of businesses, organizations, or individuals.

When their brand becomes famous, channel owners can reach millions of target customers by:

Cooperating to advertise partner's products, brands and receive sponsorship.

Doing sales online, promoting products or services.

The more views and subscribers your Youtube channel have, the more famous your brand is. Businesses, brands, partners then will contact you to ask for advertisements.

This way, you will receive advertising money directly from the partners and sponsors who want you to advertise their products, services. 

You need to find ways to delicately put your advertising content in the videos via images, introductions, links, logos, etc.

The more influence you have on the community, the more people watch your video, and the more money you receive from brands.

Youtube is a fertile ground for those who are persistent, hardworking and want to do MMO. You will face difficulties, challenges and happy moments. But before building a Youtube channel to make money, read this article to well-prepare yourself before having a Youtube channel with millions of views, earning millions of dollars per month.

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